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Diamond HIre carry a wide range of saws - Arbortech Saws - Dustless Electric 12" Saws - Chain Mortiser Saws - Circular Saws - Compressed Board Saws - Drop Saws - Hole Saws - Jigsaws - Sabre Saws

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  • Sabre Saws

    Sabre Saws

    Hire of electric sabre saws. Blades available for sale

  • Compressed Board Saws

    Compressed Board Saws

    Hire of electric compressed board saws

  • Circular Saws

    Circular Saws

    Hire of electric circular saws

  • Dry/ Dustless Electric Saws

    Dry/ Dustless Electric Saws

    Hire of electric dry saw with miminal dust when fitted to vacumn

  • Chainsaws


    Hire of chainsaws - petrol 12",16",18", electric 14", electric pole chainsaw, petrol pole chainsaws.  Fuel and oil provided separately.  Safety equipment available.  Demonstration of use. 


Products 1 to 5 of 6