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For all paving needs, Diamond hire have: - Line markers - Brick and concrete cutting equipment, - Manual levelling tools, - Compactors - Cement mixers - Brick and other trolleys - Limestone lifters - Measuring and surveying equipment such as theodolites, lazor levels, and dump levels - Trailers - Barriers and safety tape

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  • Mini loaders

    Mini loaders

    Hire of mini loaders  with block lifters, rake buckets, buckets, trenchers, drum lifters 

  • Bobcat



  • Theodolites


    Hire of theodolites with staff and tripod

  • Vibeshaft


    Hire of handheld petrol driven vibeshaft

  • Pavement Saws

    Pavement Saws

    Hire of pavement saws on trolley with diamond blade

Products 1 to 5 of 19